Eminence R-1 School District adds a FEMA Safe Room

Written by Annie Criddle on October 1, 2020
Eminence R-1 FEMA Safe Room

Recently a FEMA Safe Room was designed by DILLE POLLARD Architecture and built for the Eminence R-1 School District. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in September 2019 to kick off the construction process. DILLE POLLARD teamed with Brockmiller Construction, Toth & Associates and Strickland Engineering to complete a superb structure for the School District, students and staff. Following FEMA 361 guidelines, this FEMA Safe Room houses 4,600 square feet and is designed to withstand 250 mile per hour winds or an EF5 tornado. Additionally, it serves the school’s daily use as the gymnasium for the elementary students. DILLE POLLARD is so pleased to have this opportunity to partner with Eminence R-1 School District.

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